INTRODUCTION- The one post that you should definitely read.

Hi there!

Even if you don’t go through the rest of the entries on this blog, read this.

Please stick Retin A out. Please.

I’m not going to lie to you… It took longer than I was used to for this medication to work. It was hard. I was so tired, emotionally. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I avoided people’s gazes, speaking to people, walking around. There were many, I mean, MANY days when I felt sooooooo down. I cried A LOT. I was so sad and dejected and honestly totally lacking in confidence for the first few months when all it seemed to be doing was making things worse. Oops, I realize this isn’t making it sound like the medication you would want to use… But you should. It’s the one thing that will actually help your closed comedones specifically. Everything else has been lying to you. Yes, LIES.

Being an information hog, when I realized that I would be using Retin A after meeting with a dermatologist for the first time in my life even though I’ve had acne since I was 9 (more on this later) I searched for each and every blog post, forum post, experience, online entry about someone, anyone who had used Retin A for closed comedones specifically, to see what their experience was like, and exactly how this miracle medication (that works for both acne and anti aging purposes) was supposed to work and what I could do to help it along.

Honestly, in the past few months, there are entries on that I’ve read over 30 times, just out of desperation, grasping at thin straws for someone’s experience, a timeline of when to expect progress and just what this Retin A journey would be like. It was really hard to find the information I was looking for specifically but being the researcher that I am, I was able to satiate my hunger for information here and there.

I decided to record my experience week after week and I promised myself that I would post them online to help anyone who is or might go through this at some point and might maybe be just like i was- sad, frustrated desperate and extremely curious.

I hope this helps the people out there that are like me. In my many acne struggles, I’ve found closed comedones (whiteheads) to be quite difficult to find any solution to compared to the other kinds I’ve had and have simultaneously so I hope this is a useful resource to offset that a little.

These are my uncensored (okay, maybe a little censored) week by week entries as I’ve been using Retin A for the past 4 months.

I still have a way to go but I’ve made a lot of improvement and I would just like to start posting now. If this helps at least one person, my job here is done.

If you’re going to keep reading then… YAYYYY YOU!!!

If you’re stopping here then just know… It gets better. It gets way better, I promise you this. You’re absolutely gorgeous, and everyone is going to see that soon.

Stick with Retin A.


P.S. I’m a 22 year old African¬†female figuring life out. Ini is the name. Acne is the game. Lol, Lame, I know. Hehehehe.